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Cutters and blades



Steel and tungsten carbide cutters & blades for stump grinders, wood chippers, wood & green waste shredders and debarking machines

Our sister company, Hardmet Associates Ltd, has over 60 years experience in the field of ultra-hard materials – particularly Tungsten Carbide and Technical Ceramics.

Hardmet manufacture the following steel and tungsten carbide replacement parts for stump grinders, wood chippers, wood & green waste shredders and debarking machines – stump cutter teeth – finger style, super tooth and multi-tip – to fit all types of machine. Chipper and shredder cutters, inserts and blades disc and blade style cutters for chippers, shredders and debarking machines tungsten carbide insert cutters

Hardmet has World-class reputation for the manufacturing of Tungsten Carbide components.




Hardmet are an international group with their own manufacturing plant in Portugal and Associate Companies in Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, and China.

Together with their Associate Companies, Hardmet enjoy a world-class reputation and are among the world’s top producers of Tungsten Carbide components for a wide range of industries.

Hardmet Associates also manufacture Tungsten Carbide and Technical Ceramic components – under OEM contracts – for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Our priority – customer satisfaction

In co-operation with our customers, we develop new solutions for machines and tools which perfectly satisfy your requirements.

Hardmet Landforce can evaluate your most troublesome areas, by examining the relevant components and mechanisms, then specify and manufacture the most cost-effective solutions which meet your needs, using ultra-hard materials – particularly Tungsten Carbide.

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Steel/Tungsten Carbide
stump grinder tips
L/H/STR 12x12mm
Super tooth Tungsten Carbide
stump grinder tips
Steel/Tungsten Carbide
stump grinder tips
Apline Magnum style
Landforce Trigon
wood chipper cutters
for Chip range
Tungsten Carbide
stump grinder tips – multi-tool
Tungsten Carbide cutters (indexable insert type) for
Landforce Recycling Machine

Here at Hardmet Landforce, we are also pleased to be able to offer you finance options to suit individual budgets.

Please Enquire within to discuss our 2, 3 & 4 year plans 


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