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30 hp Lombardini Diesel Engine, Un-Braked or Braked road chassis.



LOMBARDINI  30 hp  WATER cooled DIESEL engine



Max dia. infeed

160 mm (6.50”) Chipper

Feed Method

Twin hydraulic rollers c/w Manual Control up to 35 Metres per minute


  2 Cutter blades 2 Edges Regrindable fully hardened


Up to 8 Metres Cube Per Hour


Direct 3 belts

Ave. Chip Size

5 > 15mm


750 kg inc.full tank of fuel and other fluids


Rotates through 360 degrees


CHIP 160 Chipper DW / DWB


The chipper for the small landscaper, tree surgeon needing to work quickly, so a chipper with a high work-rate, being strong and powerful enough to take demanding situations without complaint is always top of the requirement list. With these demands, uptime is a priority. This is really compact.


NEW compact wood chipper with braked chassis

LS 160 DWB is a new compact wood chipper allowing to load up to 160mm, which represents maximal diameter of branch, to be inserted, feed hole size 240 x 160 mm Machine is designed for chip production made from branches, tree trunks, bark and bushes of the above ground wooden material. Rotating upper machine section allows for direct any side access. This chipper is equipped with the two hydraulic-driven feed rolls with second generation automatic system of engine control, it is overload-control system (“No-stress” power control system). Machine is powered with 30HP Lombardini 1404 FOCS Diesel water-cooled engine.  20-liter fuel tank allows several hours’ work in the field.
This is a disc model with a pneumatic blow-out system installed on the disc. Chips are ejected through a rotary chimney that can turn by 360 degrees in relation to the chassis. The cutting system consists of a 2 blades with 2 cutting edges that can be reground.

The essential equipment of the chipper includes a hydraulic propulsion system servicing the feeding rollers and driven by its own hydraulic pump, a lever system of the hydraulic divider which allows changing of feeding rollers’ direction, a mechanical overrunning braking system and a ball-type coupling for towing adjusted to its interchangeable part – a grip for using a ball pin. 

Chipper Chip 160 has got the EC Vehicle Type- Approval Certificate which allows registration of the machine and licensing it for the road traffic, WELL BELOW THE LEGAL LIMIT OF 750 kg.

Chips made Chip 160 can be used as a solid fuel for heating in buildings (burning in ovens/stoves), as raw material to produce compost, for decorative purposes in gardens, parks and paths etc., and after additional disintegrating in a mill for production of pellets and briquettes.

  • Extra heavy duty rotor. No Stress System. Exceptional Cutting Power.
  • Fast feed speed Consistent and useable wood chip.
  • Easy access rotor.
  • 2 Blades 2 edged re-grindable cutter blades reduced cutting forces and decreased engine load

Landforce Chip 160, Offers big performance, easy to service, longevity and high resale value. This over engineered for reliable and high performance 6” wood chipper at value for money price.


Here at Hardmet Landforce, we are also pleased to be able to offer you finance options to suit individual budgets.

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