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  • wood chippers Wow - what a bit of kit!   It just destroys anything my lads put into it - built in the Jeremy Clarkson school of thinking, ie built to be thrown off cliffs and still work at the bottom!   Work is on the up so have just ordered another. wood chippers

  • wood chippers On the one occasion that I had a problem, I rang the company and 2 hours later there was a fitter working on it.    That's what's important to me - my customer was kept happy, my lads and I weren't stopped, the job got done and the money's in the bank! wood chippers

  • wood chippers ... [this] chipper works on a more consistent basis than most, in terms of feeding material in. The 730 is about capacity and consistency for its weight class, at 5200lbs it tows and rides very well in our steep terrain, and most of all loves eating trees. wood chippers

  • wood chippers The Hardmet Landforce Duo 235 machine - British built and a bit of a brute, with a 61hp Deutz diesel.   It almost has too much power - not a bad fault!   This is a combined chipper and shredder designed to cope with everything you are likely to meet on site.   It's a solidly-built machine and will last for years. wood chippers

  • As for reliability, I only had one problem - happened last week and meant a new roller at £300 ... they supplied one for free even though it was out of warranty. wood chippers


If you want a wood chipper, or chipper-shredder, you've come to the right place - Hardmet Landforce machines are built to last and will never let you down.

We supply machines that can last you a lifetime. Our machines are used on the Queen's Balmoral and Sandringham estates: a measure of just how well-respected they are!

Superb machines and unrivalled customer service mean Landforce is by far your best option for new machinery.

We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on never letting our customers down. Your total satisfaction is our goal.


Wood chippers and chipper-shredders

The Hardmet Landforce range includes an industry-leading range of wood chippers and dual-purpose chipper-shredders to suit all your needs -

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Materials recycling machinery

The Hardmet Landforce Commercial offers versatile materials recycling commercial solutions.

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